Hello 👋 My name is Istiaq Hasan.

I am at a Glance.

I am working in the IT Sector for about 11 Years. I have worked with several small and big companies with failing and success stories. My experiences made me what I've become today. I have worked as Programmer, Software Engineer, DBMS Designer, Software Architect, Engineering Manager till this time. Now my life's goal is to help people to make them software engineers, sharpen their skills so that they can write better softwares and earn more money.

  • Working Since: 2008
  • Website: www.istiaq.com
  • Worked With: Startups & Big Companies
  • Built Teams: Several
  • Consultancy: Available
  • Remote: Available
  • Teaching: Passion
  • Degree: BSc. in CSE (SWE Major)
  • Email: istiaq.me@gmail.com
  • Led Teams: Several
  • Freelance: Available
  • Onsite: Available

Companies I've helped to grow.

Projects I was involved in.

Software Engineers I have trained onsite.

Software Engineers I've trained online.

Skills, Tools & Technologies

Through My Worklife I have worked with/in these things below and counting on....

Platforms: Web, Mobile & Desktop

Languages: C, C++, C#, PHP, Javascript, ASP, Java, Ruby, Golang, Rust, Dart

Markups: HTML, CSS, XML

Data Transport: JSON, XML, Text, BACnet, Modbus

SQL DBMS: All Major SQL DBMS including MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, SQLite

NoSQL DBMS: Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchBase

Cache: MemchachedDB, Redis

Web Backend: Node JS, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Django, Dot Net, Spring Boot, Ruby On Rails, Drogon

Web Frontend: ReactJS, Next JS, Vue JS, Framework Related Templating Engines, JQuery

Mobile App: Android Native Java SDK, Flutter

Desktop App: C#, Windows SDK, Electron JS

Web Services: SOAP, REST, JSON RPC, gRPC, GraphQL, Socket, RabbitMQ

Clouds: AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Azure

Misc: Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Headless, Microservices, Agile Model, SDLC, CI/CD

Notable Events

✔️ KOICA had a project of automating the lab rooms of 100 schools in Dhaka, In 2019 I led the engineering team in contract to ensure the lab hardware and software quality before the audits in 2019.

✔️ I was a trainer of Web Development Program of ICT Ministry under a sub-contractor company in 2017.

✔️ I have trained 100+ newbies to become web developer in Lumex IT in 2015 under some scholarship programs of some foreign NGOs.

✔️ I was Trainer of The Trainers of Firefox OS in 2013.

✔️ Attended ICPC Dhaka Regional, NCPC, Code Warriors Challenges, National Hackathon.

✔️ Volunteering in এক টাকায় খাবার - Project One Taka Food.

Professional Experience


2017 - Present

Istiaq's Authority, Dhaka

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Engineering Manager

2019 - Present

Ixony Engineering Singapore (PTE) Limited, Bangladesh Office, Dhaka

  • Managing multiple teams of software engineers who automate the pharma plants according to FDA terms. My primary responsibilities are designing cloud based BMS SCADA system architecture, code review, ensuring software quality for pharma audits. I observe the full system from planning, commissioning & auditing. Mostly worked with MSSQL, C#, ASP dot net, BACnet, Modbus, Javascript, Node Stream.
  • Designed the architecture of Cloud Based SCADA system for Pharmaceutical Plants, Oil & Gas Fields.
  • Has led the team to develop the Hardware Integrated Cloud Based Fire Detection & Protection System.
  • Leading a team of 150+ people.

Lead Software Engineer

2018 - 2019

Infoniam Technologies, Dhaka

  • RMG ERP. Microservices
  • SAAS Based Hospital Management System.
  • Government Projects.
  • Node Stack, Laravel Stack, AWS, GCP. Spring Boot.

Software Engineer

2017 - 2017

Prodigy Automation Limited, Dhaka

  • Web & Mobile Applications based technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Java, SQLite and third party based service integrations.
  • SAAS Based CRM.

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017

Windham Technologies, Melbourne (Dhaka Office)

  • PHP Based SAAS.
  • Ruby On Rails Based Web Service.
  • Cloud Integration CI/CD.

Freelance Software Developer

Till 2016

Both International & Local Marketplaces